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Aboriginal Partnership H2O

Build on and enhance your sustainable relationships with Aboriginal Communities with Partnership H2O.

A portion from each bottle goes to building capacity for Aboriginal Communities, giving financial support for things such as building playgrounds, upgrading and building schools, scholarships, and much more!

How does it work?

The amount of your choosing per case is put into an Equity Fund set up by Arctic Chiller. For contributing sponsors, Arctic Chiller is proud to donate $0.24/case into your Equity Fund as long as you are putting at least $0.24/case into it as well. You are welcome to put in any amount per case as you would like (minimum $0.24/case for Arctic Chiller to also contribute).

Along with your branded logo, a customized image (designed by us, or by you) is put on your label to showcase the fact that you are giving back. This proudly displays that a portion from each bottle is being donated to Aboriginal Communities.

What other perks are there?

Arctic Chiller will gladly display your company on our website and social media, giving your company online exposure and recognition for choosing the Partnership H2O Program. We encourage you to send us pictures of events where your water is used for us to put up on our website
and social media.

Aboriginal Partnership Program

Tansi Group Partnership Water Cheque


Companies who are currently giving back to Aboriginal Communities with their Custom Label Bottled Water:


Western Camp Services Clean Harbors Falcon Camp


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