About Arctic Chiller


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Arctic Chiller is located in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada. The bottling facility is made up of state of the art productions equipment. The plant contains four major production lines. These lines being 4 litre line producing product for retail and commercial use, 20 litre bag in a box mostly for commercial applications. Last but not least, the high speed bottling line. This line is constantly being upgraded to improve service to the customers. This computerized production line is capable of producing 450 bottles per minute that once produced automatically move to the SMI staging area where the products are sorted, packaged, coded and then
prepared for shipping.

Advertise your company, not theirs.

Arctic Chiller is about more than delivering quality water to our clientele – we’ve turned water into a personalized promotional product designed to expand your business. Recognizing that bottled water is now the norm, the potential to expand your brand is endless. We’re experts in helping to identify the ideal promotional products and scenarios in which you can distribute bottled water to your clients or customers, and we customize packages to make bottled water marketing work for you. Ask us today about our custom water bottles with logos!

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